Village of Lyndonville Local Law Snowmobile Band

Last Updated: January 12, 2018

The Village of Lyndonville has a Local Law ordinance which is enforceable and will be by the Village of Lyndonville Police, Orleans County Sheriff's Office and Other Law Enforcement Agencies should they get a call.  This is the Local Law 3 of 2003.  The local law is more constrictive than State Law and prohibits snowmobiles on any street, highway, sidewalk, etc, (unless certain streets are posted with signs designating those streets open to snowmobile traffic, which the Village has not done at this time).   Snowmobiles can be ticketed. If you live in the Village of Lyndonville or the Town of Yates you may want to go to your Board Meetings and ask for a change on the laws or see if you can get certain areas posted for access, otherwise I recommend staying out of the Village of Lyndonville with Snowmobiles. Also if you are riding there we do not mark or maintain trails through there so technically you are not on a snowmobile trail.



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