Trail Work and Grooming Reports

Last Updated: September 18, 2022

REMINDER: At this time of year, your club reps responsible for ATGP entries should have all of your trail-related labor & equipment hours input as well as all allowable trail expenditures within the 60 day timeframe, or are finishing up the last few weeks’ worth now.  Sponsors should be letting clubs know when they need the Phase III ATGP sheets signed-off for this season so they can submit to Parks by May 31st.  All invoices with proof of payments (canceled checks, credit card receipts, or bank statements indicating the transaction indeed cleared the bank) must be scanned in to the appropriate lines for each allowable purchase. 

Please remember…

  • NO groomer repair parts or labor hours can be logged into the ATGP system 
  • NO groomer or equipment purchases can be used (except those 3 grandfathered groomers still left from past determinations)
  • ALL volunteers MUST have their first and last names listed on every labor and/or grooming entry line
  • NO club operations expenses or hours (bank charges, fundraisers, club/county meeting attendance, etc.) can be used
  • ALL labor and grooming hours MUST include the trail that was worked on or the grooming loop that was groomed
  • NO labor or grooming hours and NO expenses spent on UNFUNDED TRAILS can be entered into the ATGP
  • ALL allowable expenditures MUST include the proof of payment AND the invoice for the described trail-related purchase
  • Allowable expenses MUST include the Trail Segment # that the trail-related item was purchased for and used on


Please email Llyod Wright as soon as possible after doing any trail work or grooming so that we can get it reported on our grant. Llyod's email address is copy and paste


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