Trail Work Contact Information Please Contact me with your updates and contact information if your willing to help so I can update this page.

Last Updated: December 14, 2019


Michael Christopher 585-764-1765 ( South East Zone Trail Head)

Kaleb Reynolds 585-313-8027(Center East Zone Trail Head)

Bernie Walker 716-400-8912 (North East Zone Trail Head)


Tim Newton 585-317-3798 (North Center Zone Trail Head)

Ted Narburgh 585-944-4048 (North Center Zone Trail Head)

Scott Reynolds 585-233-7310 (Center Zone Trail Head)

Andy Neiderhofer 585-590-0249 (Center Zone Trail Head)

Llyod Wright 585-589-6400 (Center Zone Trail Head)

Ernie 585-798-4090 (Center North Lake Zone Trail Head)


Mark Petronio 585-746-7139 ( North West/Center Zone Trail Head)

Alan Wetherbee 585-590-4385 (North West Zone Trail Head)

David Sevenski 585-798-4660 (South West Trail Head)

Ken Johnson 585-520-9344 (South West Trail Head)

Others willing to help:

Ron Fagan 585-750-3256 (East Zone)

Brad Youngjohn 585-683-7601 (East Zone)

Darren Tobolski 716-970-0188 (Center/West Zone)

Eric Fredendall 585-738-0210 (East Zone)

Rob Wagner 716-462-3994 (Center/West Zone)

Brian Hart 585-233-8068 (East Zone) Trail Work and Grooming

Ken Hess 585-317-6554 (Center Zone) Works for Panek Farms

Jake Stinson 585-709-1641 (Center/West Zone)

Gary VanWycke 585-590-9042 (Center Zone)

Royce Stinson 585-682-3209 (Center Zone)

David Dent 716-628-9931

Any one listed above that I need more info on please send me an email through the contact us page, anyone else wishing to be added to this list or that I missed please send me an email through the contact us page.

The Gator is available for trail work and is located at my residence, please contact me if it is needed for trail work. The Tractor with Brush Hog is also available and located at Ted Narburghs residence.


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